The Cryosurgery Department is based at the Cancer Research Centre.

Cryosurgery is a treatment method based on localized freezing of tissues at extra low temperatures, which leads to their  further destruction. Special equipment and liquid nitrogen with a boiling point  of – 196°C are used for this purpose.

Cryosurgical treatment is a modern, non-invasive method. In many cases, it completely replaces surgical intervention. It is performed as an outpatient procedure without anesthesia and requires no special preparation of the patient. When it is used, there is no risk of allergic reactions, it does not leave scars, and the best cosmetic results are achieved. The rehabilitation period is minimal and accessible to patients.

It should be noted that this method of treatment makes it possible to stimulate the pre-tumor immune powers of the organism, which greatly reduces the possibility of disease recurrence. As a rule, cryodestruction is used to treat skin and mucous membrane cancers.

At the Mardaleishvili Medical Centre, cryosurgical treatment is carried out using modern techniques and the latest technology.