Operation and Intensive Care  Unit

There are four operation theatres in the operation and intensive care unit at the Medical Center Mardaleishvili. They are equipped with modern anesthesia and respiratory apparatus and monitoring systems.

Patients are given sedation (premedication) before anesthesia (after consultation with an anesthesiologist). Sedated patients are transferred to the operating room, where full monitoring, infusion and transfusion therapy, effective management of oxygenation and hemodynamic indicators are carried out.

Mardaleishvili Medical Center uses the highest quality anesthesia drugs, which allow the patient to “wake up” a few minutes after surgery without pain and “residual relaxation”.

Highly qualified anesthesiologists at our clinic have mastered all types of modern methods of anesthesia and have many years of experience in dealing with patients of any complexity.

At Mardaleishvili Medical Center patients can expect a highly qualified and friendly environment and the best conditions for recovery.